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When I was young, growing up in the foothills of Canterbury, New Zealand, we were treated to wonderful displays of light and clouds, scenes I loved and tried to capture on film starting with Mum and Dad’s old “instamatic camera” and eventually progressing to my first SLR when I was 17. Now living in the Rakaia Gorge not that far from where I grew up, I still love to capture those moments. Our farm with it’s stock and crops lends a wealth of images, and the area itself with it’s many moods and lights, still manages to send me racing for the camera, even after over 20 years living here.

The photographs here are some of my favourites. They are grouped into areas of interest, from the rural scenes and nature in general, to New Zealand scenes and shots of the amazing cloud formations we get from our fickle weather patterns.

We have travelled a bit, camera in tow and so I have included some images from Australia, South America, and the USA, all amazing places in their own right.

I try to leave the images un-enhanced so I retain the image I saw as it was but on occasion dabble with converting images to paintings or similar (gallery coming soon). Sometimes it is just patterns, odd shapes or something whimsical that captures my eye.

You can also view a wider range on my Facebook page Cathie Bell Photographs